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♫ Vixen Wyrzuty sumienia, początek

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#1 2011-05-17 22:42

Witam, czy ktoś zna tytuł piosenki z początku tego kawałka http://miko895.wrzuta.pl/audio/9ALM8VZCUzS/vixen_-_wyrzuty_sumienia

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#2 2011-05-17 22:51

Znalazłam informację, że to The Illest - How It Ends, ale nie wydaje mi się wiarygodna, bo nie mogę tego nigdzie znaleźć. Z kolei ten fragment tekstu jest w utworze, do którego podano właśnie tytuł "How It Ends":

When It's Hard To Sleep
As The Plot As Grows More Intense
I Wanna Know What Happens
I Wanna Know How This Thing Ends

Could You Comprehend Aberration Which Appeases The Mind/
Your Alacrity Means It Kills You Inside Diseases With Lines/
Ceases The Rhymes Require Justice So Brief With Design/
Increased With The Crimes To Connive Decieve And Collide/
Show Deferential And Fabricate Empathy With Forsaken Lyrics/
My Favoured Spirits Impeccable Lurid Mistaken You Fear It/
A Maverick Lonesome Meticulous With My Work/
The Nadir Of My Day Is Higher To Novices With No Spurrs/
If You Appear Oblivious To My Rage A Satirical Imitation/
Perusal Examinations A Rife Of Their Sanitation /
A Mouth Full But I Coerce These Words Into My Song/
Cumulative Explosions Occur Know That I'm Never Wrong/
Show Compassion How Can You Be So Apathetic/
Thats Pathetic That You Let It Digest IntoYour Credit/
I Commemorate Disgression And Enhance My Pride/
One Glance Inside Enervate Whilst I Dance My Cries/

When It's Hard To Sleep
As The Plot As Grows More Intense
I Wanna Know What Happens
I Wanna Know How This Thing Ends

Now Take A Gander At Your Life Was It All Worth While/
The Hypocrits No Dilligence In All First Trials/
They Address The Problems Then Navigate To The Cause/
Well If We Excavate This Problem We Can See Into The Jaws/
Of The Devil Ready And Formed So Steady Engorged/
The Soul of Each And Every Person That Led Me Off Course/
That Strolled Into The Shadows And Abandoned Me There/
Stranded And Scared I Perseveered So Badly Impaired/
For This Cruel World With No Sagacity For This Simpleton/
I Stood With Them Took A Breath And Fought Is What I Shoulda Done/
I Spoke Out With So Much Humble Pain That Runs Insane/
In The Brain Off The Chain To Much Evil For Him To Claim/
Honestly Honesty Never Fights Off All My Woes/
But I Tell The Truth And Get More Insightful As I Go/
This Avarice Has Me Wondering How I Coped Before/
I Found The Light Reknowned As Right Then Stop Hoping More/

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Popieram to i to.
Tego nie czytać, broń Boże!
Badasses come in small packages.
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