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#1 2008-03-10 14:17

Moze na pozniej komus sie przyda lista utworow, ktore byly grane w odcinkach 1 sezonu serialu
jak dla mnie serial w porzadku ;)


"Dream Awake" by The Frames
"Life" by Our Lady Peace
"No Heaven" by Champion
"I Just Want to Celebrate," by Rare Earth

1x01 Merit Badge

"Single Sedative" by Eastern Conference Champions. "I'm not attached to this car" / Charlie pulls over his ex-wife's husband.
"Last Hero" by Negative (Rewind)
"Dream Awake" by The Frames. Charlie goes home and adds a photo to his map.
"Jique" by Brazilian Girls. Charlie runs upstairs with a half-dressed woman.

1x02 Tear Asunder

"John 2:14" by Shivaree. Charlie struggles to handcuff the groom.
"Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ted sings while on hold with the insurance company.
"Black Honey (Who Made Who remix)" by Mainline. Dani enters the bar.
"Little Miss Saturday Night" by The Old Nationals. Bobby's wife confronts Charlie at the BBQ.
"Hunted By A Freak" by Mogwai. Crews adds notes to his wall; repeats as Crews is at the shooting range.

1x03 Let Her Go

"Mr. Fate" by Bejamin Diamond. Crews talks to Detective Ames.
"Here We K*m" by Molotov. Reese & Crews arrive at the car shop.
"Polaris" by Bostich. Crews chases his ex-wife's car; repeats as Crews stops his car for the coyote.

1x04 What They Saw

"Bloody Bunnies" by Gram Rabbit. Arrival at the crime scene; Crews searches the woods behind the house.
Clip of unknown (Rewind)
"Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" by Beck. End of episode.
"Seven" by Will Derryberry. (Rewind).

1x05 The Fallen Woman

"Face The Day" by Ren Stewart. Reese enters the club after waiting for Crews.
"Land Of Jail" by Gram Rabbit. Crews & Reese arrest Roman.
"It Is Only Love That Lets You Down" by Gene Loves Jezebel. (Rewind)
?. Tattoo parlor.
"Haiku Ten" by Sigmatropic ft Cat Power. Reese, Crews & the SWAT team search the dog cages.
"In The Sun" by Donna De Lory. End of episode.

1x06 Powerless

"Buena" by Morphine. Officer down scenario.
"Going, Going, Gone" by Stars ft Emily Haines. Reese searches the 911 calls for Rick's victim.
"Get Lucky" by New Young Pony Club. Reese & Crews arrest Rick Larson.
"Go" by Sparklehorse ft Flaming Lips. Dani exits her home after being held hostage by Rick.

1x07 A Civil War

"Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" by LCD Soundsystem. Crews & Reese investigate the convenience store crime scene.
"Sweet Hour Of Prayer" by Christina Hendricks. Olivia sings; body drop.
"Kele Lao" by Hooshere. Daria plays Prince of Persia. (Rewind)
"Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister remix)" by Lamb. Crews has the spreadsheets rechecked; arrival at the Farmers' house.
"Sarah" by The Ketamine Suns (Rewind)
"Pictures Of Matchstick Men" by Camper Van Beethoven. End of episode.
"Who Are You" by Caution Cat (Rewind)

1x08 Farthingale

"One" by Aimee Mann. Crews & Reese investigate a death and inform the widows.
"Arrogance" by Beth Thornley (Rewind)
"All I Need" by Radiohead. Ames & Farthingale funerals.

1x09 Serious Control Issues

This Voiceless Cry - Harri Lake Intro when they cut to the body and the title sequence
"Silent Anymore" by Lisa Witty (Rewind)
Broken Boy Soldier - The Raconteurs police arrive at Ray's
Ooh Child - Beth Orton Nate apologizes to Ray; end scenes

1x10 Dig A Hole

Ride - Liz Phair Opening song
Ooh La La - Goldfrapp Vintage cellphone
Perfect Disaster - Caution Cat (Rewind)
Fleur de Saison - Emilie Simon French song in party scene
Hello Hello I'm Back Again - Shivaree Connie comes to the police precinct.
Gimmie Shelter - Rolling Stones Song at end of show

1x11 Fill It Up

"El Rodeo" by Kyuss. Crews visits the prison.
"Ahead Of Time" by Teddybears ft Daddy Boastin'. Crews & Reese arrive at the crime scene.
"Shoot Out The Lights" by X. Crews goes to the Hollis house.
"Killer In Me" by D'amato (Rewind)
"Who By Fire" by Leonard Cohen. Pluot conversation; snake hunting.
"Sorry" by Gram Rabbit. Crews gets a new car.
"Down Boy" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Crews kills the fake cops.
"Finally" by The Frames. Bringing in Hollis; end.

... a juz we wrzesniu zaczyna sie drugi sezon :D

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#2 2009-02-20 23:20

czy moglabym sie dowiedziec jak brzmi tytul piosenki i jej wykonawca w serialu "life"  w odcinku 6 zaraz na poczatku jak aktorzy sa w barze i ta policjantka poznaje wtedy tego gwalciciela bo na tej liscie tego nie ma prosze o odpisanie na moj email :miradel@op.pl dzieki serdeczne

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